"Before the Deluge" 2014 SOLD

"Before the Deluge" 2014 SOLD


I am a painter, printmaker and collage artist.  I studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where I received my BFA in printmaking and bookarts.  I relocated west to Washington State University to complete my MFA,  focusing on printmaking, monotype and large format book structures.  My time and travels in Washington and the Pacific Northwest ignited my interest in landscape as a visual language. 

After graduate school, I worked on the Umatilla Indian Reservation at Crow’s Shadow Institute, a non-profit printmaking and art studio.  We were building a studio at the pediment of the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon for the tribal members to learn and use printmaking in their art practice. Then I was offered a position at Tyler Graphics in NY as an etching printer. There I learned how to make fine art prints for artist such as Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Stella,  Al Held, and John Walker. It was an intense and amazing experience to work with artists of this caliber. It was during this time I discovered collage and watercolor. I began making small stories on paper in my spare time.                          

After working many years as a professional printer, I found painting to fit my personal artistic needs. The act of painting was immediate, active and focused. I wanted to remove the barriers and the patience of the printing process and dive into the story telling of painting.

I paint and make art to tell stories; my own personal story, a universal story, a story heard, an inspirational story.  Stories about a place in time, a specific landscape, outer space,  or an interior landscape are all folded into a painting.

Essentially, I think of my images as landscapes. Abstracted and full of symbolism, I record the sights, color and sensations of being in that place. Rural and urban landscapes, mountains and oceans all feature in the paintings. Images of water: bodies of water, rain, weather, symbolizes change, release of control, being lost, or unmoored. I am fascinated by the idea of finding a point of location on such a vastand always shifting ocean. Likewise, the sky and celestial markings are curious to me. I use the symbols of longitude and latitude, constellations, timelines and temperature as markers of my internal position. 

I see my “landscape” paintings as a universal story that many may be able to relate to.  I hope my paintings bring community and highlight what we have in common in our hearts and minds, rendering the ineffable in paint.